My World – Benestelle’s Bio

Every moment of worship with Benestelle, is a moment of deep spiritual romance with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Benestelle is a bright nonpareil phenomenon happening to the world every moment of life – literally!
Her unique and mesmerizing vocals deliver energetic, colourful, and contemporary sounds which lift your spirit and soul to greater heights.

Her soul-stirring songs are versatile, fresh and speak to your inner-man. Her music is a sweet sound that brings peace, joy, healing and hope to [all creation]. Her lyrics boldly display God’s love for mankind, touching everyone that hears it!


In the very words of this Canadian Music Beauty:

“Love is open, accepting and free. Everyone should be able to sing songs that encourage them, energize them and most especially give hope. In a hurting world where people are seeking answers, love and a ray of sunshine into their lives, my music gives everyone the springs and opportunity for them to experience unconditional love and fulfillment that God alone can give. It affords everyone to reach out to him and experience his loving arms. It’s a great time to trust him with our lives.”


A member of the Loveworld Nation, Benestelle has been serving as a vital member of the music ministry since 2004, functioning in various roles which enabled her growth and her music. From being a back-up vocalist, she rose to become a seasoned worship leader, ministering in international events such as the Higher Life Conferences and Nights of Bliss. In 2013, she was featured in the Loveworld International Music Concert in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2017, Benestelle was featured in the Loveworld Festival of Music & Arts in Johannesburg, South Africa, sharing the same stage with gospel icons such as Sinach, Frank Edward and Joepraize to name a few. She also served as the regional music lead for Canada in her ministry where she helped train choirs and vocalists who in turn formed the regional choir.

Benestelle’s debut album titled “Image of God” is a musical explosion of God’s attributes due to hit the world sometime in late 2020. It brings the listeners to a new level of deep worship. In March 2020, she released the passionate and heartfelt “Love of my life”, where she brought hope, beauty and comfort, wiping away the pain in a hurting world. Love wins over everything!

In July 2020, Benestelle again released a soul-stirring song titled “For Me”. In this impeccable sound, she highlights then selfless and unconditional love God has for humanity by giving Jesus to die for mankind. If you have not yet done so, download the song on Spotify!